The so-called unbanked and under-banked in the Developing World now have access  to the global economy through blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Investment in early-stage companies is usually reserved for the rich.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency put an end to that. The middle class and the poor have been denied entry to potentially the most profitable investments: startup companies.

The reasons are simple they aren’t sophisticated or accredited investors.
That’s code for they are not rich. An Initial Public Offering (IPO) is one
of the way the rich invest in startup companies. On the other hand,

the poor people are prohibited by law to invest. Under the guise of protecting them
from potentially risky business, they are excluded.
Ironically, they are prevented from invest when the cost of investing is at its lowest

but they are allowed to invest when the cost of investing is at its highest.
That is, after the IPO when the stocks are on the public stock exchanges.
Then came the ICO, Initial Coin Offering. A token creator can raise funds for his startup company

by offering his coin to the early adopters. This also bypasses the investment banks and goes directly to the public.
A lot more people can participate in a smaller amount of money making more accessible.

The ICO is 2 things: To the founder of a startup company, it’s crowdfunding because it allows the founders to raise funds
for his or her company directly from the public without a middle-man.
From an early-adopter, it resembles an IPO since it allows poor people to invest
in early-stage companies. So not all token is the coin. Some only have value in the


network in which were created: utilityToken while other represent partial ownership: equity token.
Still, others are cryptocurrencies. I will revisit these topics in another post. Anyway,
You will discover that we taking  about freeing people from the bondage

and tyranny of the intermediaries who exhibiting rent-seeking behavior.
For example, remittance companies extract billions of dollars

from the poorest countries by charging high fees. The poorer the country the higher the fees.
Starting with a cryptocurrency wallet, we can completely disrupt these predatory businesses.

We should ask ourselves, who stands to gain if cryptocurrency and blockchain fail?

Do Your Own Thinking!

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