Since mid  December 2017 Bitcoin has had a relatively steep decline in price from its all-time high of just over $19,500 USD to its current price of just over $6600 USD. Many have analysts have been calling, since early 2017, for a sudden burst or collapse of  what they refer to as the “Bitcoin Bubble.” However, the unbelievable exponential growth of Bitcoin year after year has only made the cryptocurrency more popular than ever. People are actually finding more and more use cases for Bitcoin has it breaks mainstream and become more of a media frenzy topic of discussion.

The Russian World Cup is underway and people from all around the world are willing to invest in the day-to-day excitements around the long-awaited soccer games. Here are 3 ways that Bitcoin can be used during the World Cup games:


   1. Bitcoin to purchase tickets to attend the games

Most people will unboutably be using Visa, a partner of World Cup 2018, to make most of their tansactions for the World Cup games. However, for the people that are interested in making purchases using Bitcoin, it has been rumored that there are atleast two companies that are actually offering this service. And if you wish to purchase striaght from the Fifa website, you can try Wirex. New visa debits cards with multiple currency accounts such as GBP, EUR, USD and BTC (Bitcoin) is now available.

  2. Bitcoin to bet online on your favourite teams

Due to Bitcoin’s fast speed of payments, secure methid and very low transaction fees in comparison to traditional payment methods, it is being adapted very quickly in the online betting space. There are numerous online casinos build around the technology used by Bitcoin such as Crytogames and Decent Bet. All of these platforms accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin as a payment method. If you are interested in betting on your favourite soccer team during the World Cup i’m sure there is no barrier to doing so.

   3. Bitcoin to pay travel expenses 

You can use Bition to pay for flights and hotels at numerous destination in the world including Russian, the host of the 2018 World Cup. This can be done through Expedia, Cheap Air and Surf Air, among others.


With all these use cases of Bitcoin during this world-wide popular event, it is almost impossible for it not to have an effect on the price of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is growing in popularity and a lot of people are also predicting an increase in the cryptocurrency’s price as it becomes more usable at major events such as the Russian World Cup.

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