Chainalysis – an organization that protect, detect, investigate cryptocurrency money laundering, fraud and compliance violation – is reporting that the password to approximately 25 percent of all Bitcoin available has been lost and as such, cannot be accessed by the owner. What does this mean for the price of Bitcoin though? looks like Bitcoin is in fact doomed to increase in value day-by-day.

However, despite the popular notion that the recovery of Bitcoin is impossible without your password, there are other techniques available that has had some degree of success in the recovery of Bitcoins without the password.

Wallet Recovery Services is a start up that uses a techniques where millions of permutations are tried in the hope of guessing the password. They have had about 30% success to date.

But the latest Bitcoin recovery technique with a 80% success rate is Hypnosis.

According to most Hypnotists, everyone has a photographic memory and this memory is accessible through deep hypnosis. Once the Bitcoin owner has seen the password of the wallet that holds the cryptocurrency then it should be possible to recovery it using hypnotic techniques.

This is a new idea that i’m sure has lighten the fear that most cryptocurrency users have of losing their wallet passwords forever and has also reintroduced hope for a lot of users that have already lost millions along with their passwords.

What do you think about doing Hypnosis to recover your Bitcoin password? leave your comments below. 

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