Yes, the blockchain can be used to solve the issue of fake news. The main feature of the blockchain is verification through decentralization of the ledger. This means that if the platform for the content is built on the blockchain and allows its viewers to vote on the content, then it will force the content producers to stop making fake news.

There should be incentives, like cryptocurrency coin or token rewards, for produce true content and penalties for violating the rules. All of this will be done using smart contracts on the blockchain.

This is definitely something that will happen in the near future. Steemit and Dtube are both examples of content producing platforms already built and running on blockchain technology; however, a more fitting example to this endeavour to fight fake news using the blockchain is Publiq.

“PUBLIQ is reshaping the Media industry by enabling censorship free generation, selection and assessment of content. It offers a unique experience where the wealth generated is fairly and exclusively distributed to the network participants. PUBLIQ rebuilds trust in Media by empowering authors and readers to be part of a safe and impartial ecosystem.”

What can I say guys? it looks like the revolution is already on its way and blockchain is again at the core of a much needed positive change in society. Trust issues are everywhere as centralization allows people to acquire a lot of power and some will always choose to act irresponsible and selfish. Blockchain may be the true superhero that we need.

Do you want the cure cure to fake news? let us know in the comment section below.

Source of picture is Pexel. 

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