Bitcoin, why are you so volatile?

You are soaring to the sky today, then tomorrow you crash into the soil.

Last year my friend invested in you and made 1 million dollars,

So I tried my luck this year, and you just keep going down by hours.

Maybe it’s my fault, I should have kept my money in a centralized vault,

I should have just left cryptocurrency alone, and say no to my decentralized heart!

Then again, I have this huge fear of missing out,

For some reason, I still be believe in you, even though I have doubts.


The truth is, I have never seen anything like you,

Everything about you is just true.

The way you bring everything and everyone together,

And solve all our problems like no other.

You showed us that there is a way,

A way to live and work with other people trustlessly, a get fair and deserving pay.

A way to say no to corruption, and choose our own direction.

A way to remove the middleman, and save more on every transaction.

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But still, why are you so volatile?

Someone told me it’s because you are new,

Another told me it’s because very few people know about you.

I read about how the internet started in the 1990s,

And how many internet companies exploded in prices.

It seems very similar to what you are doing now, with all these cryptocurrencies.

And with all these edge fund guys, manipulating your price.

I guess it’s hard for you to keep steady, when everyone wants a slice.


Aww… maybe it’s just the emotions of the days,

Sitting at my computer, watching your price fade away.

I know you are much more, much more than what they say,

Because when I look at you long term, your price will eventually go the other way.

There is only 16 million of you, and there will never be anymore,

The more you age, the more your price will soar.

It’s you and I bitcoin, volatile or not,

I know I’m sticking with you, now let’s see what you’ve got.


Picture source: Pixabay 

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