Ripple XRP can now be bought directly with a credit or debit card on the Changelly cryptocurrency exchange. The third most popular cryptocurrency by market cap has been listed on Changelly against the USD and EURO dollar. Currently in the crypto space, very few cryptocurrencies have USD or EUR pairs, with the most popular crypto USD pair being BTC/USD.

Bitcoin (BTC) currently has a 53% dominance of the entire cryptocurrency market and this is mostly due to it being the first crypto to have leveraged the BTC/USD pair. When a cryptocurrency pairs with a major fiat currency, it opens the door for many investor to invest in the coin or token directly from their credit or debit card. This is good news for the Ripple XRP crypto, as this will likely attract more users and investors to the cryptocurrency.

Changelly has partnered with SImplexCC, a company that provides worldwide fraudless payment processing, to offer the XRP/USD and XRP/EUR pairs to it’s users. Simplex will be responsible for the credit and debit card processing, while the changelly platform will benefit from the new users that will come onboard to exploit the ease of purchasing crypto using their regular credit and debit cards.

In the partnership announcement, changelly states:

“Time to buy XRP now! Convert USD or EUR to Ripple (XRP). Big news for Ripple fans and wise investors! You can seamlessly buy XRP on Changelly via our partner Simplex from now on. Give it a shot! Best investments, Changelly.”

The more cryptocurrencies that pair with major fiat currencies like USD and EUR, the lower the Bitcoin dominance will get and the less monopolized the crypto market will be. Bitcoin’s dominance tend to pull the rest of the crypto market in the direction of the Bitcoin price, which too often results in the unjustly reduction of the altcoins’ value on a bearish Bitcoin day. Ripple XRP pairing with USD and EUR may just be another step towards a more healthier crypto market place.

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