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According to @BitMEXdotcom 's research, the network underwent a reorganization of a two-block chain during #BCH hard fork, held on May 15, which resulted in a double spend of 3,392 BCH (about 1.35 million dollars).

According to @coindesk , the core infrastructure behind @ethereum 2.0 might be in for a major redesign.

.@Binance_DEX now supports Ledger Nano X.

Starting June 4th is a more effective way to bring more economic freedom to every country.

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“I believe that by holding your money in fiat at a bank you are laundering the proceeds of crime from the largest regulated Ponzi scheme in the history of finance called fiat debt-backed currency. We are all a part of it and $BTC #Bitcoin is the exit we can all choose.”

"Bitcoin is not tied to anything"

"Neither is US dollars and how big is your cash position?" - @APompliano 😎

My dad messaged me on Facebook and asked what bitcoin was "secured" by...

I wrote 5 paragraphs on it...

Then realized there was no way he was going to follow it because of all the industry language.

We need an easy way to describe how bitcoin works without confusing people.

Telegram has created a new programming language (Fift) for #Telegram Open Network (TON) smart contracts and the #TON Virtual Machine.
Telegram plans to launch TON in the third quarter of 2019.

This week our developers have released the #BitcoinCashRegister for iOS devices. 🎉

Like the Android app, the #iOS version just requires a valid #BitcoinCash address to get started.

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Did you catch the debate with Roger Ver at the Malta Blockchain & AI conference? CEO @rogerkver shares the outcome of the #BitcoinCore #BTC transaction sent to him on stage during @BlockchainMT

Watch the full video here: ▶️

This Week in #BCH | May 19th - 25th

Catch @rogerkver & @maplesyrupsuckr each week on the #BitcoinCash News Show covering the top stories in Bitcoin Cash!


Bitcoin bulls are already touting the next great “halvening” as a catalyst for more price gains

The real bitcoin fork will occur when the sky opens and the giant glowing face of Dorian Nakamoto sings the genesis block hash.

Facebookcoin = you giving Facebook an interest free loan so they can monetize your personal data in an adblocker world

"Bitcoin won't work"
- Banks 🏦

"Uber won't work"
- Taxis 🚖

"Airbnb won't work"
- Hotels 🏨

"Netflix won't work"
- Cable TV 📺

"E-mail won't work"
- Post Office 📫

"Internet won't work"
- Newspapers 📰

"Marijuana won't work"
- Drug Companies 💊

You do not need to buy a whole Bitcoin. You can have any portion of a Bitcoin, 0.005 BTC, for example. There are *many* newcomers who do not realize this, and they stay out of the market, or buy an alt, purely because they can't afford a whole Bitcoin. #TheMoreYourKnow

Another report from a local publication suggesting Samsung Pay is preparing to integrate crypto assets.

Samsung Pay has 10 million+ users and it also has a large user base outside of Korea due to its MST tech (the tech that allows users to spend by hovering over PoS machines).

.@GoWithMi_GL started trading on @gate_io without a call auction. Now the token is traded x1.8 in USD from the IEO price.

Happy Cashback Day!

Get a 2nd chance on luck *every Wednesday* at
#cryptocasino #onlinewins #casinobonus

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Bank of Russia Eyes Proposal to Develop a Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency

Another 2020 U.S. Presidential Candidate Turns to American Cryptocurrency Users

Facebookcoin = you giving Facebook an interest free loan so they can monetize your personal data in an adblocker world

$BTC > 8000.

Impressive reversal in the last 36 hours. Big picture, there is only one right play, and that is long.

Bitcoin at $8k again, have to say I expected the retrace to last longer, this momentum is really something else

Come meet me in #Switzerland next week and I’ll help you setup a #BitcoinCash wallet and send you some for free.

Stocks are up 12% in 2019.
Bitcoin is up 111% in 2019.

#GetOffZero and get in the game. 🔥

So far in May...

-Fidelity to provide cryptoassets to institutional investors within weeks.

-Flexa to bring crypto payments to thousands of retail stores.

-AT&T allows customers to pay with bitcoin.

Mass adoption is just around the corner!!

The new @binance interface with a margin trading tab is on the beta site.

.@Citi is seeking a front office innovation & digital strategy lead to supervise the company's Innovation & Digital Strategy Program, including blockchain pilots

Millions of Bitcoiners around the world are using #BitcoinCash regularly with fees less than a cent. 💸

#BCH is being used to pay in grocery stores and even for the occasional helicopter ride...

Don't believe us? Check out @rogerkver's latest video:

Will #Litecoin price hit $500 before/during the halving this year in August? #LTCUSD

Sparkster tokens will be unlocked in the first week of June or sooner.

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